Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Holy Jeepers!

Holy smokes!!! Big things are still rollin in the world of me. My Seamingly Accurate seam guide has been picked up by TWO large distributors! I've got my fingers crossed that, at least, one other one will pick it up also. Wanna know who all is in on the Seamingly Accurate fun??? Click FIND ME on my design site.

I've made huge progress on that *little* sewing project I started early this week. I'm on the last two steps for each of my 8 new bags. I can't wait to share the photos here. There's a couple fabrics I have never used before, so I'm excited to see how they'll look next to the cammo of the Army Cube uniform bags.

Sorry, no pictures today. Trust me, I've been busy. ~jen~

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Leigh said...

You are on your way! Don't forget about us!