Wednesday, October 22, 2008

FREE DOWNLOAD Quilting Stencils!

I wanted to have a little freebie up on my site for you- before I head off for the weekend.

I recently posted the How to Set Any 9 Blocks On-Point Tutorial. I'm personally working on a quilt with that same layout and I'm hand quilting it. Sure, the quilting stitches look like a caveman did them- but the stencils are neat and I thought you might want them for your own personal endeavors. They are download-able .pdfs. Updated to add: The templates are drawn by hand, before I learned Illustrator. Digitizing these files is on my lengthy to-do list.

Each page is about 2.5MB. If you'd like to use them for any other sizes, just adjust your printer's scaling feature to make the stencils smaller before you print them.

The first one is a traditional feathered circle.

The second one is a quilting stencil for those setting triangles of the On-Point setting. And the third page is a variation of the Setting Triangles- to be used in the corners of the On-Point design.

The stencils do not come with placement directions, but if you've google-searched for them and wound up here- odds are you know what to do with them.

Basically, you print off the pages and lay them behind your quilt top. Mark the center of the "to be stenciled" block with a water soluble pen. Find the center of your block by folding the block in half, twice and creasing lightly with your finger. You might have to trace the stencil on a window or light board to see it behind your fabric. I personally tape my quilt to the glass on the back door, then slip the stencil underneath and tape the stencil in place. But speaking of light board, I had a friend in my ABQ guild suggest that you lay a large PLEXIGLAS® over the tub of your open washer and place a light in the tub area, turn it on and INSTANT light board! {Obviously, there's no water in the tub in this story.} Line up the stencil from underneath and trace. Repeat for all the areas you need stencils. Baste your quilt sandwich and start quilting!

Thanks for checking them out! Have a GREAT weekend!!! ~jen~

If you make it, feel free to share it in the ReannaLily Designs Flickr pool.

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ibeesewin said...

Thanks for your feather stencil pattern.