Monday, September 8, 2008


The Grocery Tote, or Green Bag, mentioned in previous posts is tested and ready to go! I wanted to have it ready for Halloween, so your kiddos could have personalized treat bags. I have it over on the patterns page of my design website. Its in a word doc format. There are full color photos illustrating the steps and thorough explanations for a beginner. My pattern tester said it could be done by a tweenager, as well as a beginner. Have fun! Post a photo of it in the flickr group if you enjoy the pattern. ~Jen~


Owens Family Adventures said...

I really like this one. It seems every store I go into has some type of "keepin it green" bag for sale. Now I can just make a bunch of these in rockin colors and be the hippest mom at the grocery store!!!

Leigh said...

I agree Dawn! The hardest part about those darn "green" bags, is that I get to the check out and realize I've left mine home.....again! I am going to try this pattern.............when i get my stuff!