Monday, August 18, 2008

Quilted Party Tray

I'm working on another sewing pattern. I'd like to have 5 reatil patterns very soon... so far I have two and a half, and two free ones. Since I scrapbook, I have this pattern idea based on a scrapbooking workshop project I used to do... I had the pattern for paper, but I needed to adapt it to be fabric, quilting, fabulous. I'm ironing out the details. Its a Quilted Party Tray. Great to set the candies in for Bunko, good to put Santa's cookies in, fun for notions or if you're like me- currently using it as your desk's "inbox" for USPS receipts that need to be filed. hehe. The photo is a one of many tests for the rough draft pattern. The tray pictured above is 8 x 8 x 2 and is made from a 12" square. The pattern will feature various sized trays and as you might have guessed, its easy to make using the Seamingly Accurate seam guide. I'm working on getting a great picture of the tray. Maybe some amazing inspiration will hit me later. ~jen~

edited to add- Seamingly Accurate is no longer available for free download, as of Sept 23rd 2008. It is, however, available for purchase through

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Owens Family Adventures said...

Really cute!! I love the colors! I can see a whole table set up with those trays. :)