Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Curtains

We're finally settling into the new place here and I'm getting some sewing done for myself. Its quite therapeutic. If the pictures are hung and the curtains are up, surely we are finished with "the move".

The photo above is one of two valances in the red-black-white kitchen. We've got a handful of things from our recently 2 year stay in Korea and I suppose I bought alot of red. There are currently no quilts in the kitchen... yet... hee hee. I might add this one in there. Its pretty big and would take up the whole dining room wall, so I'll have to think about it.

We painted the place before our household goods were delivered. Pale pale blue in the bedroom, khaki stripes in the boys' room, purple in the girl's room... Green and maroon in the living room. Its like a box of crayons exploded in here! {Love it!}

Don't worry that burnt gold faux suede curtain panel matches the blue wall, through the magic of this king size duvet cover:

While in Korea I bought these great ceiling mounted curtain rods. I don't know you can really call them "rods" since they are more like "tracks". They are just like the track in the hospital rooms. They slide so smoothly and allow for floor to ceiling coverage. Best part- they are VERY affordable (in Korea).

Here's what I did in the living room with the curtain tracks (I already posted this on my family blog, sorry if you're seeing it twice):

This was definitely a "form follows function" design. That big grey section is a projector screen, painted onto my wall. Yeh- who wants to look at that all day??? The mirror is suspended in front of the screen and doesn't actually touch it. The curtains don't touch the screen either, and can be easily drawn back for movie-time. For a how-to-cover-up-the-projector-wall, I think it turned out ok. You can see the green wall in the mirror up there.

Ah... so are we done moving yet??? Well, we've still got oh, um, 65 thousand book boxes to sort through and then, yeh, we'll be ready to exhale. ~jen~


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I love what you are doing over there!!!!

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