Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm BACK!!!

All of my household goods are now actually IN my house. {imagine that} I'm so happy. Then unpacking marathon is in full swing. Its wonderful!

You know what that means, my Etsy shop will be filling in with funky handmade sewn items and recycled uniform items very soon! Patterns will be arriving shortly. We just purchased a nice new printer, and that changes the pattern game significantly. I can actually print a nice quality pattern for myself. hooray for business expenses!

In other news, the company that holds my domain name, and has for the past 4.5 years, decided to fix my website for me, and now thats back online. sweet! I do still need to update a picture or two and change my contact info, though. I didn't figure out the email and server-hosting deal... but I've got time. I will likely just transfer my domain. Too technical? Yeh, lets move on.

While still in Korea, I made a cute little outfit for my niece and she's finally big enough to wear it. I've already listed the outfits similar to this one over in my store.

Thanks for stopping by my bloggy-blog. Hopefully, I'll be back to creating soon. Just a few more boxes to go. ~jen~

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