Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Military Monster

Ok, I made a big fancy Military Monster for myself! And I love it!!!

We are moving in 5 weeks, and all of our household items have already been shipped. I saved out two Robert Kaufman prints I had, and was planning on entering a bag in this contest. I thought I might make the Military Monster style bag, but in all RK fabrics, as per the rules. After a bit of thought I decided I just loved the fabric and if I made a big bag, I wouldn't be willing to part with it (since you have to mail it off for judging). So I went ahead and used 1 whole pair of BDU pants and made myself a big bag. Now, I get to keep it and love it. Thats not saying I won't make something for the contest...

Let me show you it, in all its loveliness-

Yes, I'm rockin' the orange. Wanna see the inside? Sure you do. Its black and white and still with the Japanese RK print on the interior pockets.

I'm getting much recycling done with these bags. They really do require alot of BDU fabric and BDU deconstruction. In fact, if you're looking to get rid of your old BDU's because he says "No honey, don't trash those. I'll wear them for hunting someday." but then you realize he only hunts every 8 years... Feel free to email me. I'd gladly take your donations.


Becky said...

Love the name badge - nice touch and promotion! : )

Leigh said...

This is totally awesome and I am trying to decide what fabric I want mine out of!