Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm seeing CAMMO

As you know, I'm moving soon. Actually I'm moving in 3 weeks. I've officially stopped taking custom jobs and I'm finishing up what's on my plate. Its going well. Today I blocked out the morning for SEWING and nothing else. What a morning!!! I worked on two bags.

First up, the Army Cube Style Purse. I'm proud to report that this one is a USAF Cube and will be living in Japan very soon. Check out the fabrics!

I love them. I have this combination in green too. I'm sure you were wondering if I had them in green. Well, I do. =)

So let me show you how well the pinks work with the BDU uniform fabric-

Of course, if you'd like your own Cube Style bag, please email me or check out the three I have left in my Etsy shop. I will be open for custom orders again in July.

And this morning yeilded one Military Monster. Thats not entirely true. I have been putting the pieces and blocking together for this one, and I only FINISHED it up this morning. It turned out well. I suppose whenever I'm completely energized by fabric, it makes the project go so much more smoothly for me. Its safe to say that I'm a Michael Miller fabric addict. The Cube is both Michael Miller inside and out, and the Monster uses the pink/white Michael Miller damask. Their stuff is very bright and very funky. Well, they have a wide range, but I like their bright and funkies. I digress...

Back to the big Military Monster-

My client opt'd for personalized name tape. I think it looks excellent. The bag is designed to express a little personality, what better way to finish it all off than with a catchy HOT PINK name tape. Sweet.

The green fabric in this Monster is Korean. Its beautiful and bright and works very well with pink. Very fun bag. And of course, I do have one listed in my store, but if you like one custom made- I'll be open for orders again in July.

Thanks for checking out my bloggy-blog! Have a great afternoon. ~jen~

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Leigh said...

You know I love my new bag! I'm stuffing as we speak.