Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Welcome Home!

Ok, I'm back. Vacation was absolutely amazing. Today, I'm officially back on the job. Mail has gone out, fabric piles are sorted and jobs are in the queue.

Let me show you some design-y photos from my trip. First of all, my friend and I did play dress up in the kimono she bought and then in the Hanboks at the palace in Seoul. Its super fun to play dress up, no matter how old you are!!!


And as luck would have it I also found a fabric store down in Shibuya, Tokyo- I have no idea what the odds of that actually happening would be... but it looks like 100%. Whoohooo!!!

And here's something great about that little fabric shop- Fat Quarters! Yes, I think Fat quarters are in part of the international language of quilters. SWEET. I speak that language!!!

Ok, more finished project type blog posts coming soon. Thanks for checking out my site and store. Have a great spring break!!! ~jen~

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Leigh said...

How were the prices of the fabric?