Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thanks for subscribing!

Thanks so much for all my new subscribers! I feel a little guilty in that I set up the subscription windows and site feeds right before my trip out of town. I did want to give you a quick update, while on vacation- ...Viva Laptop Computers!...

All the news thats worth telling is that TOKYO rocks and best-friends to travel with are FAB*U*LOUS! I'm exhausted and I'm seeing everything. I'm riding the subway and I'm climbing tons of stairs. This might be the only vacation in the history of me where I come back lighter than when I left.

So, in leiu of any great design pictures or info- I'll leave you with this photo. Me, best-friend, and the Cherry Blossoms of Shinjuku Park, Tokyo, Japan.

Have a great spring break! ~jen~


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