Sunday, February 3, 2008

Design Research

In between sewing and making juice cups for the little guy, I am doing research for all things sewing-design related. I've stumbled across some amazing designer blogs lately. On PortabelloPixie, she has a tutorial for shirring fabric, SHIR MADNESS Now this is NOT smocking. Its shirring with elastic thread. I know a good bit about sewing, but I had never heard of elastic thread much less hand winding it and putting it in the bobbin case. Brilliant. So I've tried it and I love it. Go to her site and check it out. Her clothes are beautiful. The mystery is solved. I will definitely try to work more of this technique into my girl's clothing line. ~jRe~

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Cicada Studio said...

Aw, sometimes I wish I had a little girl when I see cute outfits like yours! Everything is so nice!