Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Catalog

I proud to report I'm having more interest in the "what do you make wholesale" department. Whoohoo. So I've got a new plan for this weekend {HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!}- I hope to generate the wholesale-able flat drawing designs and have a sort of catalog on my website sometime next week. That in itself seems like a tall order, but I think if I write it down on here... I'll be more apt to get it done. Now, where's my sharpie?

Oh, in other news- I was having a bad day yesterday so I decided to curl up with my Heather Bailey (s). My plan was to use every single piece of Fresh Cut I owned. Well... I only used 6, of my many pieces; yes I own that much Fresh Cut. I have to tell you, I made a longer twirly skirt and a coordinating shirred top. Girl's size Medium(6-8), I guess. {I think both the top and the bottom will make it into my wholesale availability list.} And boy, it definitely cheered me up. Thanks Heather! At least I know how to fix me when I break- Grab some fabric and eves drop on whatever the family is watching in the next room.

Alrighty, I guess I need to get to drawing, editing, and webmastering!
Have a great day! ~jRe~

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