Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wow, that was fast!

The first little boutique outfit is already sold, in less than 24 hours! HOoray for the internet.

And in other news, some of my local commission work is finishing up. I thought I'd go ahead and post a picture of the latest bag here on the blog. Its made from flowery canvas and her husband's old USAF uniform. Its got a total of 10 pockets and is roughly a 10" cube. I think it turned out very well!
Now on to the remaining custom orders I have outstanding, (including a wallet to match the bag pictured above) then to the post office and then back to the design table! I've got a pretty full week planned. I'll see you at the end- if not sooner. Have a great week ~jRe~


My Thanh said...

I love the shape of that bag!

Leigh said...

Very awesome Jen! Can I put in an order for that one? Do you just need the uniform shirt?

The Jen said...

Yep. One uniform shirt and one yard of fabric will yield this cube purse.