Monday, January 28, 2008

Sewing Rocks the House!

Ok, I love sewing. {and evidentally, bloggin!!} I wanted to show you some of the items shipping for the wholesale order. I used fabrics from Alexander Henry, Michael Miller and Heather Bailey and Valorie Wells (both for Free Spirit).

Unfortunately, the color did NOT come out true on this Heather Bailey Apron shirt. You can certainly see better photos of her colors by surfing the web. Her fabric is beautiful and very popular in the sewing/boutique community. So, sorry about the color/flash/photo. I'm a designer, not a photographer! HA.

The purses are all made from USAF or ARMY uniforms. This is not cammo-off-the-bolt, but actual uniforms from our service members. Most of them are donated to me. I'm very fortunate to live on an Army base where many of the soldiers have already switched to the newer ACU fabric. This is that light browny looking stuff you see in all the Iraq pictures. The USAF will be switching to their new uniforms shortly... by then, hopefully we'll live on a USAF base and I'll get a second surge of "supplies". Thanks to the military friends who've donated to my elaborate recycling project! If you have a box of old uni's you'd like to donate, please email me. I'll gladly take them.

These boxy purses measure 7"- they're designed to look almost cube-like. The straps are 24" long. They have a magnet clasp and ribbon tie. They also have 5 pockets. 4 "drop in" pockets and one zipper pocket for your secret goodies.

So thanks for checking out my designs. Feel free to email me for your own custom/wholesale or retail purchases or see what I have listed ready-made on my Etsy site.

You can see more photos of these items on my flickr stream. Yes, I'm everywhere!

Have a great day! Stay warm!!! ~jRe~


Kris said...

Hi Jen! I just wanted to leave a little note about how excited I am to receive my order! Your designs are original, funky, and so damn cute!!! I love the fabrics you choose! I'll have all of Buffalo wearing your designs in no time. Expect more orders!

Emalynn's Boutique

The Jen said...

Thanks! I hope to drop them in the mail on Tuesday. Viva Deadlines! =)