Friday, January 25, 2008

Label Me

Well, its been quite hectic here. The kids were off two days this week and the husband was off two days this week. BUT they were not the same two days. Also, with the various days off, the youngest didn't get to go to his Mother's Day out days. Whoooh, I'm exhausted. I need my routine back.

In the midst of all that, I did get 50% of the large order filled and ready for shipping. I also am working on a new stash of garment labels. I have to tell you, you can order labels on line from various sources, in various sizes and for various prices. I did that... but then I got impatient. I went to the Korean market and found some sewing tapes. The tape was the perfect width and just the right price. I then, got resourceful. I used my personalized Reannalily Designs stamp from Etsy to make my own labels. As you'll see in the picture, I also used some fabric permanent Stampin Up! ink from my friend, Kris. I tested the labels in warm and cold water and they are awesome. Wait 'til you see how much fabric tape I was able to purchase... I'm going to have more labels than the Old Navy Factories!!!

Yes, thats it, fans. I'm telling you its at least 100 yards. I bought it in a big bundle (which you see on the floor) and I wound it onto this matte board card. Hooray for beating the system and generating great, good quality labels!

Now I bet you're itching to see what garments will be first to have the new labels....


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Colleen Eskridge almost formerly of South Africa said...

Jen can't wait to see the next order.I also think Lauren's jeans...was too funny!Also...the cube cool is it your design? Or a pattern you could share.I love that! colleen