Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Quilt Guild Challenge

The local traditional guild hosted a challenge.
We picked up fabrics in November.
Well, they are due this week.

  • The challenge had to incorporate the orange or green (highlighted below).  A piece of brown and a piece of beige.  When you purchased your challenge bundle, you received either a green or orange- I sat next to a lady who received the color opposite myself, so we half'd our pieces and incorporated both.  
  • The challenge also had a to have 4" diameter (or larger) circle in the design.
  • We had to make our finished quilt under a certain size so that the collection of quilts could be considered for the AQS Knoxville Guild Challenge.
  • You aren't supposed to show anyone your quilt 'til its actually due.

I was able to use only fabrics from my own stash to complete the top.  Isn't it just wonderful that I have all sorts of funky colored stuff hoarded away?  hahaha.

I think there will be a fair amount of entrants.  Once all the designs are collected, there's some kind of vote or committe to see who will make it to the Knoxville round.  Though I love love my quilt, I know the ladies in our guild are crazy-talented.  We'll see if it makes the cut.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.  =)

I free motion quilted the quilt (which I guess I didn't snap a photo of that) and the binding is brown and beige, with each color lining up with the opposite one around the edge.  (yep, no pic.)

I'll keep you posted.



pamela said...

Maybe you will make the cut and I could drive over to Knoville this Summer and see it!! Knoville is only three-ish hours drive away from me...

pamela said...

I meant Knoxville, sorry about that...