Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Parties at Market

While I was at market, I was able to attend 3 parties. I stopped in at the Fabric 2.0 party. Now that was fun! It was a very young, like-minded crowd and seemed to be a REAL LIFE cross-section of many of the blogs I follow. Very cool to put a face to all those names and quirky blog titles. Unfortunately, I didn't grab any photos at the 2.0 party. ...that might be because I had driven 10 hours, starting at 6:15am, and pretty much rolled right up to the hotel, convention center, and then festivities.

It was my first year to go to the "Moda Dinner". Turns out, Moda pulls out all the stops for their customer appreciation dinner. They hired a live band, had 3 separate (very TEXAS) buffet lines AND even had a couple of professional country/western dancers to get the party rolling. Oh, and the best part- it was held at Minute Maid Park!

I was lucky enough to attend that, and the Benartex dinner with my friend Nancy, who owns QuiltWoman.com AND a quilt shop in her home town. Now that Benartex dinner was a sit-down catered affair complete with party favors. Y'all know party favors from a fabric company are GOOD party favors! That party was held at the Houston Aquarium. Having never been to that aquarium, not only was the food/party nice, but the aquarium was quite unreal. Lots of money must have gone into the construction of that amazing place. ((I wish it was there when I lived in Houston- it would have been awesome for field trips.))

I particularly like the photo since it looks like the tank bubbles are coming out of the glass. If only I could have snapped a fish in the glass- now that would have been funny.

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