Friday, November 12, 2010

Celebrities at Market

Celebrities at market aren't the usual regular celebrities. I mean really, if you don't sew or quilt, you probably have NO idea who these people are. (Which is why its kinda funny that they are regarded as real, full-on autograph-signing celebrities.) None the less, for me, it still has the "oh my gosh, guess who I met!!!!" feeling. I mean, hey- I do sew and quilt.

First up on my name-dropping tour:

Tina Givens for Free Spirit. I'm using her Tree Top Fancy line in the cover re-design of the Military Mailbag pattern. I was actually carrying the bag at market, so it was fun to walk into her booth and have her recognize & point at my bag, first thing. very cool.

I also got to meet and chat with Kate Spain, of Moda fame. Oh my gosh, I just love her painterly fabrics. I was sold with Fandango and now I cannot wait to get my hands on her Central Park line. She was so nice. And REALLY tall. I'm using Fandango on another pattern cover as well as in an up coming magazine project. (You'll have to stay tuned to find out what, when and where.)

Ooooh- and I totally got to meet Tula Pink of Free Spirit. She was so nice and down-to-earth. I'm working with her Parisville line in a little project coming soon. I wanted to meet her to tell her how much I like her fabrics, but then when I got to the booth- I was absolutely blown away by the quilts she had hanging. Check out the quilting on these! You must click on those to really enjoy the trapunto work and the unreal quilting.

I also stopped by the Oliver+S booth. Now that booth is always very pleasing to the eyes and since no one was shopping yet, they totally let me paw all of the new knits for City Weekend by Moda. Now those are some seriously nice knits! They are as soft as you'd expect from a high-end ready-to-wear line, and they do not shrink as much as some of the other knits on the market.

And of course, the other booths that are always gorgeous- Anna Maria Horner (first below) and Amy Butler (second below). I didn't get to meet either of those designers, but there's always Salt Lake City in Spring of 2011.

Oh and wait.... there was one celebrity that I think most pop-culture will recognize- Yeh, its Ty Pennington! (And if you don't know, he's on Extreme Home Makeover and started as the carpenter on Trading Spaces)

He had a couple security guards and a line of ladies waiting to meet him and grab a photo with him. Me, I figured I'd just grab a photo OF him, not WITH him. That was going to save tons of time on my whole "buzzing around market" deal. And look- there he is. While I was snapping a picture, no one even shouted "MOVE THAT BUS!" He probably gets that all the time, right?

So that is all I have for my big fabulous name-dropping tour. It was fun.

Very lovely to see all creative minds spill out into a unique booth display. I'm quite fascinated with the booth displays, actually. They are all so different and all constructed over the course of a couple days and all "broken down" and "packed up" in a matter of hours.

Oooh- and don't forget to drive over to p.s. I Quilt and check out the pattern give away! Today is the last day!!!

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