Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Road Trip

Tis the season to pack up the nice clothes and hop on over to Quilt Market. Yes, as a work-from-home pattern author, for the most part every day is jeans and a t-shirt. (Except for teaching classes and going on sales calls, of course.) In fact, planning for market means having to try on all the "nice" stuff and make sure it still fits.

But after that is done and it's confirmed that I will NOT go naked at market (though I bet that would get some people talking!) I have to pack the *real* things for market. I've got a list and a list that goes with that list and a sublist of sorts. God bless the post-it note people. I will not have an independent booth this year- boy that would be a whole binder's worth of lists!

I'll be in the booths #357-369 through quilt market AND the Houston Quilt Festival. I'm taking a Military Mailbag to be displayed in the booth and a couple other samples (1 and 2), should we need them in a pinch.

And lets not forget other things like "new pattern" postcards, tear sheets, business cards, water bottles, rolling cart, make-up, gel thingies for my shoes... I'm telling you- its going to be great!!! lists.lists.lists.

Even better, I'm driving to Houston, this year. As it turns out, I live 2 streets away from the George R Brown Convention Center. Seriously. Sure, those two streets are I-35 and I-45 and will last about 10+ hours, but still- two streets! Waaahhhhhoooooo!!! Charge up the iPhone, queue up the Pandora.

One thing I'm really looking forward to is the Fabric 2.0 party at The Grove. I think it will be all the buzz and I was thrilled to get my invite a couple weeks ago. The party is on Friday. and I'm driving on Friday. It should be close, but I'm super excited even if I roll from the driver's seat to the social, in one fail swoop.

Hopefully, I'll be a good blogger while at market and take a million pictures to share with you. And blog from the event, of course. We'll just have to see where I can get the wifi.

Maybe I'll see you there!!!


Corinne said...

Have a great trip. Drive safely. I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of pictures from you! Sell those patterns!

pamela said...

Sounds like you are driving in from Kansas. Have a safe trip and lots of fun and take lots of pictures to share please. There are lots of us who would LOVE to be there even if the drive is more than just two streets