Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Quilt Guild Name Tags

In the past, we moved every 2 years or so. (5 cities in 10 years- some longer than others, you know.) BUT in every move, I lost my Quilt Guild Name Tag. Seriously. This misfortune prompted me to design my Quilt Guild Name Tags pattern- so you never have to be "racking your brain" for a new design- if you're remaking it anyway... lets just have a collection to choose from. And its great for guild challenges, to get everyone with a personalized version of the "HELLO" sticker.
Now get this- I haven't moved in a year. We've been here, totally unpacked and settled- doing whatever it is we do. AND I LOST MY QUILT GUILD NAME TAG, AGAIN. (Obviously will have to stop blaming my luck on the relocations.)

So in a constant state of design and oooh-i-want-to-try-this, I made myself another name tag....

It was bigger, but I cut it down when I realized my name was going to be so narrow. Yes, turns out 3 little letters does NOT span 4-5 inches. heheh. As you can probably tell, this was a total improve design, complete with leftover zipper teeth as piping and (brace yourselves) black quilting lines all over the place.

My free-motion name is my favorite part of the name tag. I don't know if this will spawn a whole 'nother pattern title, but it might get a little tutorial in the near future. We shall see.

But lets be real: I'm trying to not get too attached because, after all, I'm probably going to lose it! =)

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