Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The First Jacket

Y'all my 10 year old wants to sew- which is awesome!

She wanted to make doll jacket for one of those 18" dolls (which she doesn't own). We found a pattern on the internet, but it was a scaled pattern, where you use the grid to enlarge the pattern pieces.

Well... I might have mis-read what size the grid was... So we enlarged it way too much. After a short bit I'm thinking "I have seen these popular dolls a couple times, but I really do NOT think they are this big!" I had my daughter try on the basic block. It was snug, but mostly fit her. Pretty good, considering we didn't measure her or the pattern at the start of the project. Lucky day!

We went on to fix the jacket to her specifications with her details and colors. She sewed almost the entire thing herself. We made the buttons a while back on another crafty-day, using Fimo clay.

I was giving her tips and telling her vocabulary things and which steps to NOT skip... at the end it mostly was her {{Keepin it real!}} saying "Mom, this isn't a fancy jacket. Its just play clothes." Oh. yes. right. I forgot. She did do a great job, though. Her first garment turned out really well.

It has a bias tape neck facing and a contrasting band to hem the lower edge. I'm already thinking of all the ways we can alter this basic bodice top to make all sorts of fun things.

--sorry if you've already heard all this on the family blog--

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Goosegirl said...

Your girl did a lovely job. It is so fun to see our kids pick up something we love. My youngest has been bit by the sewing bug too and just loves it.