Monday, July 19, 2010

Fashionable Updates

Last weekend my daughter was sewing on my first sewing machine. My first sewing machine lives in the closet on most days of the year. As a result, he was terribly out of fashion. I had to give him a little update. Notice that lovely Seamingly Accurate he's wearing?

This is how you access the bobbin case, as this "old faithful" doesn't have a free arm or case, like my Elna.

While my daughter was taking her first stab at Free Motion Quilting on a small little "cat quilt"-

I was whippin' up some room darkening curtains for our basement. Ironic, that anyone would want to make a basement darker... But never the less...

Three inch hem right there along the top edge. LOVE the seam guide!

If you also need a Seamingly Accurate, click the link to purchase one directly from me.

((more pictures of the Free Motion Cat Quilt shortly))

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