Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Market Favorites

I worked most of the time in the QuiltWoman.com booth telling quilt shop owners about the new patterns, dvd and trunk show... but when I slipped out of the booth I found these super fun things:

This was my favorite "booth quilt" at the whole show. Look at those adorable monsters by Don't Look Now. Click on the image to see it larger- The monsters are tucked in everywhere and the quilting makes each circle and monster come right out at you. Loved that one!

My next favorite thing was this ruler from Guidelines. It has a yellow/green guide that fits under the ruler and locks into place at the exact measurement you need. Then you simply slide the ruler onto the fabric. The end butts up to the guide and keeps your cuts consistent and accurate every time. I think this is especially useful for those 7/8ths inch increment cuts. (I seem to always mess up at least one row of those when I'm cutting for half square triangles.) Anyway, the ruler also has a no slip edge and distributes your hand pressure evenly. It was very cool.

(I hope he forgives me for posting this picture with his eyes shut. Sorry!!! but its my only pic.) This booth was awesome. Prestoquilts makes these laser cut patterns. The stained glass effect is cut from ONE piece of fabric and has a fusible on the back of the fabric. You simply use the heat from your hand to temporarily set the stencil, arrange your fabric behind it and then press with an iron. He also does custom designs. Very cool. Y'all know, or maybe you don't- I love Dilys Fronk's works and when I saw this it was a sewing marriage of design + technique.

I really enjoyed this booth too. Origami folded shirts on a clothesline. The picture doesn't do it justice, since the shirts are strung along the line about a foot or so in front of that back wall/fabric. Very innovative way to show every single piece of fabric. I loved the concept! Of course, its hard to pick one favorite booth. I do tend towards bright wild colors, but this was just great. The booth was by Kinkame Shigyo Co., Ltd. Speaking of picking a favorite booth- did you know the people who put on the International Quilt Market actually award a winner for best single booth, double, new vendor and the like. What a hard job!!!

So those were some of my favorites.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for the post about our booth. (prestoquilts.com) &(buckinghamstencils.com)
I would open my eyes if I could - but of course I forgive you. We have many new designs and are opening our new website soon.
We're off to Italy to collect new designs in one week.-see our posts Prestoquilts.com@gmail.com