Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Grey Quilting Thread

I have a quilt pattern called Quick 3D Sampler. Its super fast to cut and looks like the blocks are floating right off the quilt. It works because the colors are so bright, up against the black shadow border.

But then there's a problem- what color would I quilt it in? The first sample I ever made, I quilted it in invisible thread. For this new sample, I wanted to go with a nice mainstream quilting thread- I didn't want glaring white lines through the black border. Blue is the main, dominate color in the top- but I didn't want blue lines all through the yellow spaces... Ultimately, went with a smokey GREY color. Its subtle enough to blend into the yellows and dark enough to work on the black and blue. I'm telling you, grey is the new white! I love how the grey turned out.

This particular quilt was made & quilted by Karen of Karen's Quilting Service for ReannaLily Designs. Its a sample for my booth for the Wichita Quilt Show this summer. Turned out EXCELLENT. This new model is made with Mark Lipinski's Home Elements for Northcott Fabrics and will also be the new pattern cover model as well.


Cecilia said...

I love the idea of grey thread! I have a quilt I made for my son out of blues and greens with a black border. I wasn't sure what color to quilt it with, but now I will try the grey. Thanks for the tip.

Vals Quilting said...

Since my previous professional world was the design/display industry, Grey is our friend, it always provides the best neutral and subtle colour to anything. I piece always in a neutral colour grey, beige, greige and so on. Nice job the quilting looks superb!