Thursday, April 1, 2010

Estate Sale

Oh man, I cannot believe I forgot to share these finds with you guys! I went to an estate sale a couple weeks ago. I think I went on the second day it was open, but there was a sign at the front that said "everything over $10 is now 50% off" OH MY! I found a dresser for our son, and a file organizer thing for my hubbs. All that practical stuff is wonderful- but in the back of this huge musty house was a series of boxes, all filled with stitcheries, tatting, and crochet work. It was wonderful.

After buying the larger furniture items, I offered the estate sale guy (an organizer, not a member of the family) $10 for this set of sewn items. Its a little less than a dollar a piece.

I bet you're wondering what I'm going to do with 'em. I'm kinda wondering that too. They are just beautiful and I already know that the lady who made them, she and I will be best friends when we meet up again.

I did use one embroidered floral panel to make cafe curtains in my kitchen.

Its three total panels. Each of the side panels are about 4'' wide and have a bit of lace running down the front of them.

And I added some cotton lace-esque trim along the top to give it more of the sweet-little-old-lady feel. I just know this lady must have been the sweetest.

Next, I think I might use some of that crochet work on the front of a purse, inspired by my friend, Jackie Clark and her new Junk Bag. Of course, I'll have to add a Jen-twist.

Hopefully, I can get to that soon, but there's quite a bit to do, getting ready for Spring Market in Minneapolis in May.


Jan Hutchison said...

I just stumbled on your blog by accident and realized I had met you at a Prairie Quilt Guild meeting. I love your curtains - what a great way to use your vintage treasures! See you at guild.

Melissa said...

Very nice. Love the curtains.