Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl!

First of all - GEAUX SAINTS!

Second of all- I'm not a huge football fan. I like LSU football, and that's about it. But you know, the Saints live right up the road from LSU... so I had to watch and support 'em. Well... when I say watch, I mean, watch like a quilter. In between commercials, I added the 4" hanging sleeve and labels to a couple of my quilts.

I'm a huge advocate of quilt labels. I mean, they don't have the be the best label ever with the fanciest pre-printed fabrics. They just need to serve the purpose. I like to include my name, the quilt name, they year and sometimes the city where I lived. (since we're nomads)

This is my Disappearing 9 Patch Batik top which I made from Rachel's tutorial. OH- speaking of Rachel's tutorial... did you guys see the little blog button ad space I'm in over on her blog? Its my first time to buy ad space and I'm super excited about it. Ok, I digress.

My quilt label is just a nice tidy muslin label with fabric permanent ink, in my own handwriting. I think those kind of things- my hand writing, and the year are the things that will entertain my great great grandkids many moons from now, after I'm gone.

So this is one of the quilts I'll be entering in the Prairie Quilt Guild Show, Common Threads this summer. Maybe you'll be at the show.

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