Saturday, January 9, 2010

Drawing More

I do hope to draw more in 2010... Because I don't have anything else going on. =) I do draw quite a bit, but I don't always post my pictures on the bloggy blog. Today, however, I have a sketch for you.

I love it when super skinny cartoon-y fashion models tell me they'd love to carry one of my bags with their outfit. I mean, really, flattery from imaginary characters is quite unbeatable. I do think, though she should carry some FOOD in that bag, so she can fatten up again before she comes back to my blog.

Speaking of food, I asked my 4yo son if he liked this fashion sketch picture.

Him: No.
Me: Not even the big bag?
Him: No.
Me: Not even if the big bag was filled with candy?"
Him: "Only if you draw me the candy."

So... you know... I did.

More sewing posts coming soon...


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Owens Family Adventures said...

I remember going into one of your rooms in the Korea house and admiring a painting. When I asked you who did it you told me it was one of yours. I'm glad you're drawing more this year. You're really good at it!!