Friday, January 22, 2010


Lets celebrate my 344th blog post!!

I'm giving away a Thimbleberries Fabric Roll AND A Seamingly Accurate Seam Guide.

With these two items combined, you'll be able to make a stunning cozy quilt top!

The fabric roll is 6" wide and has 32 fabrics. Unfortunately, I do not have the name of the fabric collection, other than Thimbleberries. The pallet is very fall, with some great beige-s mixed in.

So how can you win???

Leave a comment telling me where you buy most of your supplies, online, retail discounter, hobby shop, quilt shop, etc-

You can also be entered if you tweet/FB/blog about this give away or subscribe to this blog feed. Simply leave another comment for each one you've done. The comments need to be seperate for the Random Number Generator to be effective in choosing the winner.

I'll draw the winner on Wedensday, Jan 27th, 5p central time. Good luck!

OH- make sure I can contact you, when you win.

How fun #344 is going to be. =)



Sylvie said...

Congratulations for your 344th post!
I would love to win this giveaway, and I think I am the 1st to comment...
Well, you asked a question and my answer is: I buy my fabric in my local fabric store, but as there is only a little choice, I also buy online, on American Quilt stores, like eQuilter and PurlSoho. Prices and choice are more interesting.
Thank you for the giveaway!

Julia Wood said...

Good for you! I buy my fabric at quilt shows, the local quilt shop. the local chain fabric store (Joann's), plus on the internet. Lately, the internet (various sites) gets most of my business.

free indeed said...

344? that's almost a year of posts! congrats!
I buy at least half of my fabrics at a local store. They have very little for notions or at least the name brand variety, so that I do online. I follow sales and discounts...I rarely pay full price for anything!

Digital Misfit said...

Yay @ #344!

I buy almost all of my supplies online - mostly from Etsy sellers. There is only one fabric shop in town, with limited selection. There are no craft shops.
I do hit the thrift shop for the occasional fabric treasure.


Anonymous said...

Post 344? yep that's a great reason for a giveaway :)
I probably buy the majority of my fabrics online--can't beat the selection and there always seems to be a sale somewhere. Most of my notions are purchased locally at chain fabric stores. I can, however, spend hours at the LQS--all that eye candy (sigh).

Trish said...

Congrats on your 344th post. I buy most of fabric at online shops. Some like or etc..

Owens Family Adventures said...

Oh that fabric looks yummy!
I get a lot of my fabric now from the Connecting Threads or a quilt store in Waynesville. I also get stuff from JoAnns. I've been looking at the Fat Quarter site this week and pondering if I should buy something from them. I am thinking the answer to that will be Heck Yeah!

Amy said...

I agree. Let's Celebrate! That's a whole lot of writing.

I confess, the majority of my purchases are from internet quilt shops. We have a local quilt shop and I do try to purchase there. It is a smaller shop so selection is limited.

punkheadcat said...

I buy my fabric and supplies at JO-ANNS.I sure would like to win this, especially since I'm going to be starting my first quilt any day now.

~Kristie said...

Congrats!! Due to the economy's effect on our small business, I haven't had a significant fabric shopping spree in a while! ;)

I love Thimbleberries, and like to find the EXACT fabrics used in the quilts published in the books and patterns. If I'm making a fairly new quilt, I'll get the fabrics from the local quilt shops - and belong to two TB Clubs.

I also like to make some of the older patterns, so finding those exact fabrics is kinda tricky. My most frequent resources for those are eBay, online shops (using a google search) and I have completed many 'kits' that way over the years.

Sharon-NZ said...

Congratulations, to answer your question I buy most of my fabric online. where I live we just dont get the ranges and the prices are mostly out of my range locally, not that we have many shops local. So I shop online overseas for the bulk of my material and purchase smaller amounts locally.

Really enjoy reading the blog :o)))

Liz B. said...

Would love to try out the Seamingly Accurate! I buy almost all of my fabrics at a local discount retailer (surplus and salvage, generally) which has a beautiful fabric section. They get mostly quilting cottons but the nature of salvage is that sometimes they get Waverly decorator fabrics that they sell for 3 dollars a yard, sometimes they have Malden Mills fleece for 5 dollars a yard, and the quilting cottons are generally 3 or 4 dollars a yard. (I bought out-of-print Anna Maria Horner, Denyse Schmidt, and Heather Ross recently for 3 dollars a yard!)
Thanks so much for the chance at your giveaway!

pklaw said...

344! What a wonderfully random number to celebrate! Congrats. I buy quite a bit from local quilt shops. I find it very important to give them my business in this economy. I do take advantage of online sales and purchase solids online as it is hard to find needed colors otherwise. Rulers, cutters and other hardware is usually purchased with a Joann coupon.

Betsy Lynn said...

Thanks for having the give-away!
I buy online and my local independent quilt store, Material Things Quilt Shop in Hendersonville, NC.

Angie said...

I have bought online when I see something that our local shop doesn't have. :0) What a fun giveaway. 344 is a lot of posts! :0)

Thanks for the giveaway.

Leigh said...

Love me some free fabric! Congrats on the big 344 post too! I mostly purchase my fabric from a few local quilt stores, Quiltin' Country and a Sewing Basket and some online.

Leigh said...

I love Facebook for sharing and keeping in touch! I left a link for you!

Anita said...

Love your blog and read it regularly. I try to shop mostly at local quilt shops, especially since I live in a small town and the nearest shop needs as much business as I can give it! But also;; real women quilt, etc.

connie said...

Just discovered your blog via Vintage Linens Redux (sample of your new pattern - quite lovely). Kudos for a beautiful site, inspiration, and for all those many many blogs (which I'm about to go back and look at... yes, all of them).
Lately I've been buying all of my fabric via Etsy. Lots of it. I'd love to support a local shop, but we're miles from anything. Very favorite shop of all time: In the Beginning in Seattle. Closed now, but still producing gorgeous fabric. Happy new year! Connie

Carole Davids said...

I was so excited to see your post on the homefront. NOt only do I love thimbleberries but I need one of those guides!

So, I purchase most of my quilt fabric from our local quilt shops, Stitching post, Village Mercantile and the Quilters nest.

for other projects and some solids, I go to Joanns.


Carole Davids said...

I added your post on Facebook and am getting ready to blog about your post. I will comment again with the link.


Carole Davids said...

Here is a link to my blog post about your giveaway and the Homefront team. Thanks for sahring your goodies with us.


C Lee Designs said...

Unfortunately I have to drive quite a ways to get to a fabric shop. So, unless I'm going to buy a lot at one time to justify the drive, I order online. :o)

Cams said...

My favorite place to shop for fabric is Joann's, but I only but the cluster stuffing from Walmart. I don't know another place that sells it and I only use it because it is the best at not matting in my bears. I also get my military fabric from eleetscamouflage, an online shop.
Thanks for a fun contest!

Chacoy said...
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Chacoy said...

Congratulations what a feat!!

I buy my fabric and supplies at a small shop in our small town "The Pin Cushion," since I am a beginner I find that it is a great place to start;}

Thank you for the opprotunity!


Donna S. said...

I am a very new quilter so would looove to win this. Joanne's or a small local quilt shop. I believe you can email me thru blogger (can't u? lol)

mirkah said...

Congratulations on so many posts! I normally buy from JoAnne fabrics, or from a small decorators store in town when I have a coupon. I also use a lot of recycled fabrics bought from thrift stores.

Julia said...

Wow! How lucky! I subscribed to your blog through bloglines because you live near me and the first entry I read says you're having a contest! I buy local when I can, chain when I must, and online when I need something specific.

emtdlb said...

It may be too late, and I am sorry if it is, but most of mine come from either Joanns, Hancock or actually people who are cleaning house. Congrats on 344 posts!!!!