Monday, November 16, 2009

I finished!

Guess what?!!? I finished the 8 new bags for the shop. I'm exhausted. Thank goodness for the crock pot! The crock pot is a family friend when mommy becomes sewing obsessed. I do love sewing!And I have some great new bags for you. Drum roll please-


The 4 desert bags are all the same color family- I've used the green version of the very popular pink paisley Michael Miller fabric.

And of course, like the original pattern, they have 5 pockets, guaranteed. BUT the way the flight suits are made and used, they have more zippers than a little bit, so the odds are very good that your bag will have more than 5 total pockets, when you consider the ones on the bag exterior.

In my last post I mentioned some design variations. Well, let me tell you about them- I replaced the nylon webbing handles with 1 1/4" cotton woven webbing. Its softer. I already love it. I do still have some nylon webbing, though, should your custom bag require that.

Speaking of handles- I've also branched out with the ribbon adornment too. Check this out:

Eyowwwwwwser! Its awesome huge funky-chunky ric-rack. I LOVE it. BUT, of course, I'm not my customer, so I didn't include this bold ric-rack on all the bags. Only two.

Ok, so they are two minor detail changes, but I do think they make a big impact when added together.

Do you like the big chunky Prints Charming fabric as much as I do??? Pink, orange, aqua, and red! Its a party on fabric.

Yes, I've mixed floral and plaid. I'm happy I did. Both pieces are from Anna Maria Horner's Chocolate Lollipop collection for Free Spirit.

There are 8 total NEW FLIGHT SUIT bags over in the Etsy Shop. You'll have to drive over to see them all. And of course, if you want to make one for yourself, please check out my Cube Pattern over at -> the patterns.



Leigh said...

I love the chunky ric rack!

Liberty said...

Great job!!!! I love all of them!!