Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Vintage Crate

I have to show you this crate:

Its a pretty good size crate. I purchased it at the Disabled Veterans Thrift Shop (on Central) for about $2.98. My mother in law has crates, and mentioned she wanted to put quilts in them. Ever since then, I thought- it was a brilliant idea, and I too, must find a crate. I patiently looked around and this past weekend- CRATE. Its pretty sturdy for being sold old and worn looking.

Rolling the quilts seemed to be the best way to store more and still be able to see them all- rather than folding and stacking.

I've probably shown you most of these at some time before- but here they are from my flickr stream, if its killing you not to see the quilts unfolded.

1. Interlocking Squares Pattern 3, 2. JewelBoxReds, 3. Clean 3D Quilt Image, 4. BoyTesterQuiltTopBabysBoxes, 5. BlueGreenOrignal, 6. BunchedUpBatikTop, 7. IMG_2084, 8. RolledQuilts

Ok, turns out I don't have a picture of the 8th quilt. Its a blue/purple/pinky bargello wallhanging quilt.

After I was done taking the first picture, the quilts looked up at me and told me that they wanted to give YOU a hug. Awe, quilts in a crate are so thoughtful like that...



Owens Family Adventures said...

That is such a great idea!! I have a crate on top of the hubby's armoire and I am going to take his hats out of there and put some of my quilts on display!!
Thanks for the tip

Leigh said...

You go Dawn.........take that crate! Very cool idea! Love it!