Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm Back

I think on 50% of the blogs I follow, they all have "I'm Back" listed as the post today. Well, not to disappoint, I too, am back.

Of course, unlike all those other bloggers- I returned home to a brand spankin new home filled with a sea of cardboard boxes in a brand spankin new city. I have found the camera cord and I have (obviously) got the computer squared away. I'm very happy to report that while I was away at market, my hubbs actually unpacked TONS! Even the kitchen is done. In fact, I think - for as stressed out as I was- I'd prefer to move like this for every move.

My speech for the Art Gallery Fabrics Schoolhouse was well received. I fumbled up a bit in the beginning, but that was the about me part of the speech. Thankfully, by the time I was comfortable and going strong, it was all about the pattern- which is what the attendies wanted to hear about anyway. The patterns were a HUGE hit at market. And the big exciting amazing reveal product was announced. But of course, if you haven't heard what the reveal was... I'm afraid I want to keep you waiting just a tad longer 'til I have the picture. The picture is honestly worth a thousand words and the first few of those words will be "OH MY GOSH! THAT is AMAZING and BRILLIANT." So, when I get the photo... hopefully in the next two days... I'll fill you in if you haven't already seen them.

Sorry to be so brief and so black & white and photoless tonight. More to come-

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Corinne said...

We are _not_ back...we made it as far as Nashville tonight! I'm envious.