Sunday, March 22, 2009


Ok, I've got another little commission to show you. I'm happy to report this is also, another repeat customer. She's going to be checking her mailbox soon for this 14" Book Bag. This bag uses her husband's military uniform shirt for the two pockets on the front of the bag. It also recycles his military BDU pants for the one gianormous pocket on the back.

My client also gave me some creative license with the fabric placement and as a result, I decided to make the 3 fabrics, exterior, lining & uniform, work together in the 3.5" wide straps:

And although there are 3 exterior pockets, no bag would be complete without a secret zipper pocket on the inside of the bag. Its fully lined with the same green fabric.

Hum, now that I have all the pictures on here, I realize you can't really see the turquoise ribbon which holds the bag closed. You'll have to trust me, its good lookin. Oh- and the fabrics used in this bag are Robert Kaufman (brown/white circles) and the green is Timeless Treasures. The dark green, US Gov't, of course. ;)

Thanks for recycling your uniforms into my designs! ~jen~

And, as I mentioned before, I've got big big news to share early this week- stay tuned.


Leigh said...

Very cute!

Owens Family Adventures said...

Really cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the size and the fabric combinations. Super adorably cute!