Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's New?

The first up new item I wanted to tell you about is this *NEW* use for the Seamingly Accurate Seam Guide. I've developed a way to make larger half square triangles, still without having to mark the diagonal center of all your larger squares. I'm so happy about this. Its going to make all those blocks for the swap sew in a snap. Here's how it works:

A. Mark the center line of the first square of your project, as you would traditionally.

B. Start sewing 1/4" to the left of that center line, still pretty traditional.

C. Here's the magic- Make a mental note, as to where on the seam guide the right hand corner passes. (where the BIG BLACK arrow is pointing in the picture above)

D. Now, with every other large HST pair of that size, sew by lining up the right hand corner with the guide line from step C. Once the large square has moved up onto the seam guide, you can continue to sew 1/4" from the center by making sure that the corner point is lined up with the Dotted ¼” line, next to the Needle Line. (see below)

I hope that makes sense. Its a huge time saver!

Pretty exciting stuff. Also, I've got NEW full-length aprons over in the shop. The aprons are 100% cotton designer fabrics and have a little ribbon or contrast on the lower edge. They've got clean lines and, of course, are washable. Boy, could you imagine finding an apron that was NOT washable? Anyway- these can hit the washer and dryer, no problem. Here's a peek at the newest aprons:

So that's what's new in my corner of the world today. I hope you're having a great Sunday! ~jen~

hey- look at how my fonts when crazy in this post. nice.



Corinne said...

I can't believe it! You and I were on the same wavelength doubt about it. This morning, I was sewing some larger half square triangles (for my blocks for your Quilt Block Swap) and I used your Seamingly Accurate to do it. I was so enthused about how easy the Seamingly Accurate made the sewing, that I took some pictures and video so I could blog about at You've beaten me to the blogging (although I'm still going to do it...just give me a couple of days), but no matter. I can't believe how fast I stitched through 81 large half square triangles. You got a winner here Jen!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

OMG, is it really that easy? If so, I WANT one!!!! That would make life so much easier! I'll be checking it out further later!! But I LOVE the idea! Thanks for sharing its use with us.
Quilting Together,