Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Swap and Patterns

Wow guys- you're awesome. This swap is taking on a life of its own! I've got everything sorted and tracked on an excel spreadsheet. I just opened up Section 4. The swap is listed with SwapDex and Sew Mama Sew- so thats a good bit of coverage for my little Spring event. Sign-ups are still open 'til Jan 26th. Please do check that your name is on the side bar and the color is correct. I do still need email addresses for

Sect 3- Ginny, & N Canadas

I need to get these addresses so that I can send out the "where to mail 'em" email at the end of January. Most of you have your blogs listed/linked to your name under the section where you're playing. Thanks again for playing!!!

And in other news, I'm working on two new patterns for my small modest little pattern line. I'm very excited. The first one is finish & tested, I just need to finish up the photography for the cover. The second pattern is finished, and the photography is finished- I just need to have it tested. Its currently at the pattern testers' house right now. I'll have the images on here as soon as they're available.

The Center Applied Zipper classes were this past weekend. I must say, they went really well. The students worked with cotton, satin and even faux fur. Turns out, you can put a zipper in every single one- no problem. One student made TWO pillows in the allotted class time. With that one down, I'm already marketing my February class. Its the Adjustable Apron. I've got more details on the Class page of my website.

Ok, its official- I'm a link-aholic! I put so many linky-words in my blog posts. Holy smokes. It only takes a second to do... Everyone's doing it... hehehe.

Many irons in the fire.

edited to add- Thank you ladies, for sending your email addresses.


The Jen said...

Thanks for the info- Amanda H!

Amanda H said...

Not a problem!

Owens Family Adventures said...

You are now and forever more known as the Queen Of Linkage. heeheeheeheeheehee
I'll email you my address in case you forgot it. :)

Leigh said...

You are on it girlfriend!

Shelley said...

How would you like us to do the name tags again? Are we writing on the fabric or pinning a little tag on each block? I've had a hard time finding maroon, so I hope that the fabric I picked is's a floral, not a tone-on-tone solid.

The Jen said...

Shelley, I'll be adding all that info in the "where to mail it" email I'm sending sometime next week. I'd prefer if you safety pin your info (on paper) to the back of the block. Look for the email sometime next week.