Saturday, September 20, 2008


Ok, I've decided on my first Spoonflower print. I know you were losing sleep over the whole thing. =) Let me show you what I made:

Now, partly because I don't understand drawing vector shapes (YET) and partly because I want the fabric to be all about my business... I went with tiling my logo in a smaller scale all over this 18"x21" piece. The whole motif was painted in watercolor, then scanned into Photoshop. Then I manipulated the one leaf into a flower and added the painted circle to mix it up slightly. I wanted the black to give a little spot for eye to rest. And a little Black makes everything seem to match everything else.

My first thought is that I'd like to make some more MiniHipsters with this fabric.

The welt pocket flap would be Logo Fabric and the linings would be a coordinating pastel.

The last time I had a piece of fabric this small, that I was so excited about, was a couple Mother's Days ago. My daughter and I tried our hand at fabric painting. It was quite fun and I'd love to do it again. We used the textile medium mixed with Apple barrel/Ceramcoat paints. The paints were very watered down and fluid, so the cotton did not feel stiff at the end. I think I have a picture of the quilt I made from the 15 usable squares...

That pattern was from a magazine. I had to redraft the whole thing to get the pattern to work with my sized painted square, but it turned out. This is a lap size. I donated it to an auction and my good friend and neighbor actually won it.

Anyway, we'll see what I actually make once the Spoonflower fabric is here. Surely, I won't be the first girl to stalk the mailman!

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