Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Studio

I think, with only a few exceptions, creativity is generally a chaotic process. Sure, there's a nice tidy order of doing things... but when you're relaxed and all over the place- great creative things happen. Lets just safely say I'm in the creative-mess category of people.

Having said that; I photo'd my new studio space in my new casa here in Oklahoma. I'm showing off the photos because I'm pretty much done. I know where everything is. In my eyes, its organized and I'm ready to start making the magic. (Of course, the sewing machine is in for its annual tune up this week, but magic will happen soon!)

Before I show you the pictures, just know that no one at the container store was harmed in the making of this organized room. (HAHAHAHA) And if you are a creative-neat, you may want to hit that filter in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. You'll recognize it as a red X. =)

This is what you see as you're standing in the hallway, with the door open:

Thats pretty much the sewing supplies side of the room. I've got the ironing board in there at waist height for quick pressing. I've got the threads right above the table. And Lordy Pete, look at those shelves. {sorted by closures, ribbons, trims, elastics, etc- of course} Oh, and see that yellow-blue-pink quilt on the ironing board? Thats the next pattern I'm drafting. Its at the testers' house right now.

Now to the right of the sewing area is the scrapbook area. I have to say, I haven't scrapbooked in a while. I've been sewing like crazy. I was completely up to date with the scrapbooks, right up until we moved to Korea. Then... wow, Korea was a total trip. I was taking more photos of "oddities" than a little bit. Now I'm officially overwhelmed and slightly behind.

See how tidy my inks are in that cassette organizer under the shelves? I've got my postal scale in there, my drawing supplies up there, some paintings stapled to the wall- all sorts of goodies, completely organized {in my own mind.}

Next up the fabric!!! I would love to have a set of deep bookshelves to set out all my folded yardage and then a couple of drawers or bins for the cut pieces and fat quarters... alas, we move every couple years so for now it will have to be a truckload of Rubbermaids keeping me organized. They're sorted by color and all bins are see-through, so thats good. The ones where I own nearly the whole line from a particular designer, well- they have their own bins.

It doesn't have the visual impact of a big colorful collection of stash, but you know, at least its always move-ready. *sigh*

The computer is actually in the living room (along with my actually, honestly, organized business items and orders) and an older computer is in the office in the corner you didn't see.

Stay tuned. Many masterpieces to follow. hehehehe. ~jen~

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