Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Moving slowly

Ok, its been an exciting move! Our household goods are arriving in 3 total shipments. We received one yesterday and one today... and of course, the Etsy shop inventory is all on the last shipment, "the quick air shipment" which is, evidently, traveling by blimp. =(

In other news our move has NOT been the smoothest, but we did all make in one piece. We went from Seoul to Honolulu to Salt Lake (layover) to Dallas, to Austin, To San Antonio, to Austin to home. WHOOO and that was all in about 10 days. Now we've started receiving our boxes and my new house is absolutely covered in cardboard. If only Pottery Barn would popularize the cardboard look, I'd be stylish and finished. But alas, I do still have a little work to do.

Here's a vacation photo for ya-


Wiamanalo Beach, Oahu. Bellows Air Station, beach front cabin rental. Beautiful!!!


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