Sunday, July 27, 2008

Its finally here!!! Seamingly Accurate

I thought up a great little product a couple months ago. I've been going back and forth thinking how it will be used and produced and distributed. Wait 'til you see it!!! Its a Seam Guide! Yes only a seamstress would be this excited about a seam guide... And get this, its called Seamingly Accurate.

At first I wanted to produce this guide out of clear static cling vinyl. Then I got to looking around and I don't know that the cost of the vinyl would cover the marketing and distribution... so INSTEAD I've decided to produce in paper.

The best part- ITS INCLUDED IN ALL MY PATTERNS (Where its needed). Oh, but even better than that, I've decided to make a FREE download on my website. I love free! Also on my site, you'll see how to install it on your sewing machine. Remember, its paper.

Hopefully all you quilters and seamstresses and interior designers out there will benefit from this little page of greatness. It makes half-square triangles in a snap! You don't have to fold the center line of those dang'd squares anymore.

Just line the front corner of the square up with the 1/4" line and you're in business! And you can sew down one side, flip your square around, an sew right down the other side without missing a beat.
I sound like an info-mercial- But its just so exciting. The design is done and now we can all whip out sewing projects with ease.

Speaking of interior designers and home-sewing:

Wide hems are your friend! No longer do you need to place a pin at the 3" mark or 4" mark on your fabric. And forget rubbing off tailors chalk. Depending on how wide your sewing machine area is, you can make hems up to 5.5" wide. Ah, go peel that masking tape off your machine. I'll wait. Great.

I hope you enjoy using the Seamingly Accurate as much as I'm enjoying it. I hope it expedites your processes.

These are my two patterns that currently use and feature Seamingly Accurate:

edited to add: I have NO idea why those colors on the Quick 3D sampler are not right. You'll have to click on it to see it on my website, in the right color-way. I think its showing up in "negative" right now.

Thanks for driving by my blog today. Sorry about the info-mercial. I do hope you download and use this little tool. Have a good weekend! ~jen~

edited to add- Seamingly Accurate is no longer available for free download, as of Sept 23rd 2008. It is, however, available for purchase through


Krissy said...

You are my new hero. That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! (And I LOVE the interlocking squares pattern...) I'm totally new to all the sewing, but I think I'm picking it up pretty quickly. Couple questions - how do you get the paper to stay on your machine? Does the needle never go through it and ruin it? Or is it something that will need to be replaced?

The Jen said...

Thanks. The paper stays on through the magic of scotch tape. My website, has better instructions for how to install it. The needle shouldn't go through the paper- but worst case senario the guide gets all stitched or crumpled or the dog eats it- print another one. =) ~jen~

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Well done - very cute name!this would be a great guide for new sewers (or children) to use. I use a strip of masking tape for my daughter to line the fabric up against but your design is so much nicer. I will have to get her to give it a test drive!

eileen said...

hi :-) This looks pretty cool! I'm going to print one out. Thanks!

Helen said...

this is a great idea - the markers on my machine don't seem to match up to any metric or non metric measurements! thanks

Leigh said...

Yeah! You are awesome Jen!

Linda said...

Thank you for sharing this!
Make sure you patent it!

Allyson Hill said...

This is so great! Read about this on Flickr march of the tools. Thanks for sharing, I hope you mass produce them (and patent them).