Monday, July 21, 2008

Defensive Driving

If you take defensive driving to avoid future crashes... whoooo- I'm a defensive blogger!!! I was trying to update my blog template this morning, so that I can have a more professional site and possibly even use my blog as my main website...

I found a few great free CSS Template websites and decided on a nice clean winner. Blogger even posts a message "you might want to save your current template before you upload the new one" That is a great idea... EXCEPT it doesn't save your actual blog. See all those links and sections over there on the right --------------------------->
The "save" deal doesn't save any of that. It basically shows up with the About Me section and a link to your old posts. YIKES! Did I just crash my own blog site???

It took about 40 minutes of "Good gravy where's the undo button." And now, I managed to get the blog information back together. It was a near miss but a very very long 40 minutes!

I did try uploading the new clean blog template and it says there's an error. So for a brief bit, I thought - wait, you discarded all my side bar stuff AND you cannot give me the nice template? AGH.

So here's the weird looking {hopefully temporary} blog. If there are computer savvy people out there who want to tell me how to save my widgets to be installed into my new template, please email me.

Thankfully, I can sew better than I can use a blogger template. *wink wink*
Super cute bamboo handled mini bag. The fabric is by Valorie Wells for Free Spirit. Its heading over to the Etsy store. ~jen~

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