Thursday, June 5, 2008

The gifts

My sister-in-law, over at BeckyM on Etsy, is very passionate about her cupcakes. Now, as far as I know she's not making cupcakes in her shop. She sells amazing felt foods and sewn purse/clutch creations. I mean, she is a passionate cupcake consumer! So, when I was at the fabric market this past week, I scored these two UK fabrics from Makower. And on a separate day I found this wild cupcake-esque ribbon at the outdoor market. Sure I have NO idea what she's going to do with cupcake fabric, but how could I pass it up?? Napkins for a cupcake party? Gift bags for cupcake mixes? Trim for kitchen dish towels? PJ pants with a cute little matching cupcake applique t-shirt??? Got me... I just couldn't resist. I know she subscribes to the bloggy-blog, so here you go- the surprise is spoiled! Now, let me go see if I have any mailer envelopes laying around here.... ~jen~


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Becky said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Thanks. I can't wait to make some goodies with that stuff.

I think I'm going to be making cupcakes again too (for the shop). I made some when I first started and think I'm going to get back into it. I actually have the stuff to sew on my table just waiting to be sewn! They are going to be special edition cupcakes! Ooh-la-la! : )