Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thread Shop

Ok, as you know (or don't know) I live in Korea. I've been here for about 2 years and we're getting ready to leave. Well, my mom asked if I would pick her up a few thread cones, before we leave, for her short arm quilting. Sure thing! Let me show you the shop where I buy thread, down at the outdoor market:
Yeah, thats not the whole booth. Its more thread than you can stand to look at and its all colorful like candy. The guy who runs the booth is super nice, too.

Mom- let me show you your haul-

How cool is that?? 20 spools of sewing thread... the bottom spools are big, like double rolls (if they were toilet paper, I'm sure thats what they'd be called.) So wanna guess how much 20 spools of thread cost at a Korean market?? Go ahead, think up a number in your head, like on The Price Is Right. Ready- about $28. Holy jeepers! I love me some KOREA!! ~jen~


Carmen Groll said...

Luv'd this shop and will most definitely keep going back! Thanks for the tutorial today.

Owens Family Adventures said...

Man oh man!!! You just gotta love it here!! You just gotta!

Leigh said...

Makes me want to run down there and buy some thread! I better inventory and make sure that I have everything that I "need"!