Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fun Fabrics

Last Thursday I went to the fabric market to buy fabrics for my daughter's room in our next house in our new city. She told me she wanted "Purple." Ok. Then she said "With Green." I'm thinking that would look pretty nice. Then she says "Oh and some yellow." I tell her, "You know, it'd look like Mardi Gras" She replies with an "I know." and started singing some Mardi Gras song off our Mardi Gras Party CD. Goodness. {GEAUX TIGERS!} Anywhoo- I did go to the fabric market with the express mission to find purples and greens. I'd say it went well and I'm absolutely loving this fabric. She's seen it also, and thankfully, approved.

And in other fabric news, I'm working on a new quilt pattern. I hope to have it available in my shop as soon as its tested. Its a really funky fun "coming and going and wait, what's that in the background" kinda pattern. The best part is: its beginner level! Mostly squares, with the whole block measuring 15". I'm a big fan of enlarging blocks so you get more quilt for your fabric dollar. Bigger cut pieces, less seems, less work, bigger quilt. Genius. Let me just show you a little bit of my color choices for now. I'm loving the greens and blues in this quilt.

Ok, more information on that coming soon. For now, I'm going to mail my finished top off to my favorite machine quilter. I hope you enjoyed the fabrics as much as I do! ~jen~


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Owens Family Adventures said...

Those fabrics are just delicious!!!! Her room will look awesome!!