Sunday, February 17, 2008


When I'm not sewing, I'd like to be painting. I don't paint much at all, though. If I get out the paints, the kids want to paint. ...which is fine, but it turns the 30 minutes of paint time for me into a 2 hour Mom-zilla "don't spill, carefull, look out for the carpet, do NOT paint on your brother, goodness, lookout" episode. Now, I do not say all those things because I'm horribly up tight, trying to suppress my children's creative side- I say all those things because the kids are 7, 5, and 2. =) If I am painting with just one kid, its usually much better. For instance, I can leave out the "don't paint your brother" comment. heh.

So I tell you all this so I can show you my fancy painting, back from when I had a hint more time and patients. Maybe if I post here, I'll be more motivated to take some time for myself and get to painting. Actually, I painted this before the kids were even on the scene. Man, its been a while. I should definitely try to paint more. Its so relaxing.

Its watercolor and currently hangs in the "pink" bathroom in our house. It really has nothing to do with bathrooms... obviously... but its better than stashing it in a box. ~jen~


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Leigh said...

Jen that is really good!