Thursday, February 14, 2008

Etsy Treasury

I was featured in an Etsy Treasury! The photo is linked to the Treasury, but it will expire, and I don't know how long the link is good for. Lets just say, um, the link is good FOREVER!! Hooray! There's a chance I've been in a treasury once before, but I never saw it, if I did. This time- I caught that little feature and did a screen shot of it. I'm so excited. I guess I'd better hurry up and get my Mother's Day Aprons listed while the traffic is moving through my shop. Wow. Still floored. ~jRe~


Owens Family Adventures said...

Hi! I'm new here (to your blog) and I just wanted to tell you that I love your Etsy stuff and think that everyone should go over there right now and buy stuff!!!!
You are just soooooooooo amazing!!! I am thinking you are the next Chanel!!!!

Owens Family Adventures said...

Oh and that comment above...that isn't from at all...I am a new blogger. My name is ummmmmmmm Whilamena Slater.

The Jen said...

You are so silly. Thanks for stopping by my blog. ~jen~

Becky said...

Yeah! It is a super cute apron!