Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The updated website

I'm proud to report that I've added a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page to my website. Now one question I did not address is "how frequently are you really asked these things?" Well... um... I have been asked most of them. The most popular question, to date, has been the "how did you come up with the name?" So you'll just have to go on over to my website to find out. :)

In other news, I listed 3 super cute boutique outfits on Etsy this afternoon. They are sizes 4, 5 and 7. Thats based on the jeans' sizes. Its a great collection for sisters. Heck, I think its a really fun outfit for anyone. I love this wild bright Michael Miller fabric! Now, I have no idea why my camera, set to Auto, wanted make my pictures grainy. I did fool around a bit with the Aperture Priority (AP) feature and got ONE crystal clear photo. I'm pretty sure I'll need to re-shoot these if I plan on putting them in the portfolio. For now, they are grainy photos on Etsy. I'm ok with that.

Funny story behind the size 7 outfit: I had the size 4 and 5 jeans from the resell shop (GO GREEN! RECYCLE!) The size 7 comes from our closets. My son tried them on this morning and they didn't fit. Well, thats all I need to know- put those babies on the cutting block! Well, while altering the jeans... I have the 7's laid out and I start cutting though the right leg (to make them capri's) then I hear "Mom why are you cutting my jeans?!" Oh Lordy Pete. They didn't fit my son because, yes in fact they were my daughter's!!! How did I NOT know this? Well, thats ok. Now we have a lovely outfit and she does has other jeans to wear. Not too worry. And hey, this way I even have a model for the photos. *grins with embarrassment* Hooray for extra jeans!!! Viva Denim! ~jRe~


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