Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Duvet and my Math...

Ok, you may know the story... I picked out the rockin' awesome fabric at the fabric store and purchased 8 yards for my *new* king size duvet cover. WELL it wasn't enough fabric. So I ended up making a duvet for a full/queen size. (I re-bought the 12 YARDS of fabric and now have MY new duvet on my bed, and yes, it does ROCK thanks for asking) With my small fabric-turned-queen-duvet, I made a listing on Etsy. Someone featured my item... somewhere... I still don't know where, but this one listing got 800 or so hits. It was suggested that someone probably linked it in a high-traffic blog. I hope they didn't say "look at this ugly duvet" I mean really, over 800 hits! Holy smokes. That was 800 people who didn't want to buy my beautiful duvet, 'til today. Hooray for this lady in Illinois! I hope she loves her new look. I'm loving me some Etsy!

Now, what else can I put on there??? You'll just have to wait an see. There should be pictures sometime early next week of the new little girl's boutique outfit, coming soon to my shop. Check back often. ~TheJen~

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